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Status Under review
Created by Tammie Phillips
Created on Aug 23, 2021

Allow custom rules to be copied!

When I create custom call handling rules for Holiday, department meetings, down days etc, it would be great if they could be copied, imported/exported. It is a pain to create 15 renditions of the same rule

  • Jessica Esperson
    Dec 3, 2021

    Would be great to have the ability to apply a custom rule to the whole phone system. IVR, groups, etc combined. Create one custom rule to apply to the whole phone system.

  • Lee Pullen
    Oct 12, 2021

    Absolutely! Maybe even make them a template or even an optionally LINKED template that makes it so you just change it there and it copies itself!!

  • Jessica Esperson
    Sep 24, 2021

    Yes! 100% need this feature. We have over 120 queues and to add 9 separate holidays to each is very painful.