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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 30, 2020

Automatic notifications for SFTP failed to transfer recordings - Automate retry transfer for failed transfers

For those transferring recordings to long-term storage for compliance reasons, currently the only way to check for failed transfers is to navigate to:

More>Apps and Resources>Archiver Beta

Then navigate to the third Phone tab, select the More expand button, sort by Archived to Storage > Failed

We then manually review these failures/retry.

It would be good if we could automate the delivery of a report of these failed recordings the same way that we are able to automate the delivery of a simple or detailed call log under the Reports tab. In some sense, the functionality is mostly there, it just doesn't apply to this specific report type. My guess is that it would be relatively straightforward to simply expand the scope of this existing feature. I would like to get an alert every other day, and only login to retry a failed recording if I see there are failures.

It would also be good if we could automate a certain number of retries. I am seeing an average of about 1 call failing to transfer via SFTP every other day, they almost always succeed in transferring after 1 manual retry. I am wondering if there could be a process where the retry is invoked automatically after 10 or 30 minutes without me having to login and press the button.

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