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Status Will not implement
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Cindy Hubert
Created on Sep 3, 2021

Call Queue Pick Up Feature

The queue call pickup notification pop on the phone is displaying everything correctly. The issue when the user accepts (picks up) the call from the queue not notification pop, the line appearance is showing wrong direction for the second queue call. It shows "To" instead of from "from" as in an outbound call is being placed.

Also, the call logs show an outbound call was placed instead of taking an inboound call.

We understand this is working by design due to the existing BFL monitoring capability that RC uses for User presence monitoring and notifications for the Queue call pickup feature we ere provided. However, when an inbound call is picked up from the call queue, it should display "from" not "to."

The call logs should also display this was an inbound call, not an outbound call.