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Status Under review
Created by Alex espinoza
Created on Sep 16, 2021

Tip Bot

Hello guys,

I would like to see a Tip Bot inside of the MVP, Rainbow Office and similar Ring Central solutions, that allows the users to send and receive cryptocurrency tips and incentives through the app. So they can develop their own community tokens and have the option of using them integrated inside of the app and even use some other existing ones.

These type of bots already exist in similar solutions like Discord and TG (look for and there is some os code for them on Github, it may be possible to adapt it and use it directly.

The mechanism that it uses is that the bot is connected to a pool, that creates a hot wallet for the users within the app and give them access to manage their funds, so they can realize actions by Dming the bot like tipping, airdropping in different ways and withdrawing to / depositing from a proper external wallet.

This bot can be really usefull for internal and external uses

  • Guest
    Sep 17, 2021

    sympa !!!

  • Alex espinoza
    Sep 17, 2021

    I add some pictures for you guys to understand it better

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Sep 16, 2021

    Cool idea! Thank you for sharing it!