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Status Under review
Created by Colton Pate
Created on Sep 20, 2021

When All Members Are Unavailable Routing Options

As of now, the only option under the "Wait Settings" for Call Queues when members are available, but no members answer or all members are busy or unavailable is to "Wait". Admins would like for there to be forwarding options to other extensions.

  • Colton Pate
    Nov 18, 2021

    Another good option would be to send the call to voicemail.


Divert Calls if an extension is busy

If a user is engaged on a call - divert their calls to another number eg a secretary or voicemail. As soon as the call is over they will receive the calls as normal
Nigel Hoar over 1 year ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review