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Status Under review
Created by John Nickell
Created on Nov 5, 2020

Ability to trace external customer meeting join actions

It would be beneficial if a support technician could provide a "trace" of a meeting attendee's actions. For example if we were to be able to provide the called from number and the bridge number that was dialed, could RingCentral tell us what meeting ID was entered or keys were pressed.

In an example instance an external party said they "were in the meeting" and that they had entered the numbers given in the invite, but they were not in the same meeting as our internal employees. Since this is a customer we would like to make determining the root cause as painless a possible for the customer with the fewest questions that might seem to 'blame' the customer for incorrect entry.

If we could provide RingCentral with the called from number (and possible the specific conference bridge called) the agent could at least confirm if the external party had followed the correct steps to join the meeting.

Product Line RingCentral Video & Meetings

Ability to trace external customer meeting join actions

To help reduce duplication, enable the discovery of "public" teams from within RC app. At a minimum give admins the ability to see what teams have been created and the ability to direct user inquiries for a new group to existing groups.
John Nickell about 3 years ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Under review