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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 28, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DPW-I-5 Adjust how missed calls are categorized for group calls.

Missed call notifications on Call Queues Merged

We've recently reconfigured our system to utilise calls queue correctly, and noticed that as a default, when a call to a queue is answered by one agent, the other agents in the queue get a "missed call" notification even if the call is not technically missed.

This is causing massive confusion and wasting time as the queue manager keeps having to verify if the call was missed or not, and we receive a high enough volume of calls to make this a frustrating "feature".

Please can this to changed to being an optional settings as I'm sure we're not the only ones who are finding the multiple notifications misleading and then waste time trying to confirm what the real status of the call actually is.

  • Guest
    Sep 28, 2021

    Set up notice if missed a call queue that shows who in the queue answered the call.