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Status Under review
Created by Marshall Christopherson
Created on Oct 5, 2021

Report robot calls and scams button

When using the RingCentral desktop app. (And mobile app would be nice) I would like to be able to flag a call from the call history that is a suspected robot or is clearly a scam. (Perhaps this is two different buttons) I get a lot of calls that hang up when I answer or leave blank voice messages. I am tired of manually writing down the time and number of the call to submit to RingCentral to research. Of which they just say "The caller hung up". Please give us a button to flag the call so you (RingCentral) can find it quicker. I would think this info would be helpful in fighting robot calls. You would get a lot more info quicker to review. You wouldn't have to deal with as many tickets either. If a bunch of your users are submitting the same numbers, you could block them quicker or work with the FCC to track down the people behind this evil practice.