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Created on Nov 6, 2020

Add option to disable send with "enter" or "return" key

Some of my co-workers pre-maturely send unfinished messages by hitting enter. Their assumption is enter will move to the next line (as on email). Instead it sends half of their message and often creates confusion. It would be nice to have the option to toggle this on/off based on preference as you can do on Skype messaging (see screenshot attached)

Product Line RingCentral App
    Sep 27, 2022

    Hello everyone, this is now in app. See the below setting, accessible under Settings - Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Guest
    Jan 28, 2021

    Yes, that is correct. I would like the option to toggle off ‘send with enter key’ as I can with Skype. I think this would be a useful addition. Thanks.

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  • Guest
    Jan 28, 2021

    I use to use slack and it gave you the option to use enter as send or to use and return for the next line of text.

    It was not a feature that you would alternate between but pick and stay with what you wanted it to do

    I talk alot in stops or bullets with my staff , one idea on one line it makes it much easier to understand and gives a list to to rundown and review so nothing is missed

    so I perf being able to return and as its how I type in most other progran in glip I forget to hit controll and send every line

    so haveingthis setting work be great for me as the sender and make it easier to understand and act on and reply for the reciever

    Thanks for your concideration

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Jan 27, 2021

    Hey, we'd like to understand better.
    Would you share with us if you are asking for the toggle like you see in Skype?


be able to use the enter key as shift instead of send

I write alot in stops, putting one idea per line that make it easier for the reciver to understand as well as editing your ideas in a logical order, it be great to have an optional for the enter key to be a return as in most word pros apps, and se...
Guest almost 3 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Implemented