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Created on Oct 11, 2021

RingCentral Classic Had a Much Better Interface

Whether for Tasks or Teams, RingCentral Classic was the backbone of our company communication, but the new app is terrible.

In RC Classic, far fewer clicks were required to get from one place to another (there are now two left columns in the new RingCentral app), tasks made better use of screen real estate (further explained below), and tasks could be more easily sorted, categorized, and viewed. Team conversations were more digestible when scrolling.

Regarding the small task window that appears when creating, editing, or replaying to tasks: The window in which you can type is smaller than ever making it nearly impossible to scroll through what you are typing. It's ridiculous and inefficient. Replying to tasks is even worse: long replies block previous task replies from view making them impossible to see.

Due to the cosmetic changes intended to make the desktop app look more like the mobile app, Ring shows FAR too much negative space and does not make use of desktop monitor real estate, task titles are cut off due to fixed column sizes, task categorization is missing, and the resulting productivity of our entire company has been cut in half. We have a team for each customer, as well as teams for other purposes, and tasks associated with each team. Because we needed flexibility, we did not often use due dates in our tasks, and instead relied on color and category to keep track of our tasks. Because all task views have removed the columns associated with category, and without being able to sort by color, our hundreds or thousands of tasks are in complete disarray.

Many employees have started keeping their tasks in other apps just to maintain efficient, prioritized workflows. This also means that much of our communication regarding tasks and customers is no longer in RingCentral, which also hurts our record keeping.

Our field technicians who have relied on the mobile app for months already hated the mobile version, but the people who most needed to use RingCentral were our office staff who, until recently, at least had RingCentral Classic to lean on. Although it still had several interface problems, RingCentral Classic was far superior to the new desktop app, and we could at least quickly find information and tasks. Now, however, we are pulling our hair out, wishing we could get rid of RingCentral. We HATE the new app interface and would gladly use different software if we could, but so much important information is tied up in RingCentral that we feel trapped.

Not one person in our company considers the new app to be an improvement, but rather a massive downgrade. If we did not already have so much information tied up in RingCentral, or were we just starting out, we would take one look at this terrible new interface and run screaming. We would GLADLY select just about any alternative software if we could.

RingCentral, PLEASE fix your broken, garbage software.

    Apr 13, 2023

    We're excited to invite you to be a part of our beta program for the new desktop phone experience beta program. If you haven’t already reviewed the new experience, please take a look at a summary of it here.

    Please email if you want to join the program!

    What you can expect from the beta program:

    • Early access to new features: Be the first to try new features & updates.

    • A chance to shape the product: Your feedback is incredibly important to us. You'll have a direct impact on the final product and the experience of all our users.

    • Plan for your rollout: Get a head start on rollout planning & user communications.

    How to turn on the new desktop app experience:

    1. In the bottom right corner of the app, click settings.

    2. Click general at the top of the next menu.

    3. You will see a toggle to opt into the productivity tools and unified inbox


Smaller Version Like Previous App

the new version is too big! Make it smaller like the old version.
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