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Status Under review
Created by Rodolfo Sasabo
Created on Oct 13, 2021

Allow SSO password in change Password/PIN Prompt In the admin portal

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login to online portal

  2. click on settings>user details>change password

  • There is a prompt to enter the password, which is the non-SSO password

  • allow option to use SSO password in there

  • we do not want to enforce SSO because not all users in the account need it

  • Drew Mikos
    Oct 14, 2021

    Please vote as users signing in with SSO cannot self-service voicemail PIN reset!!

    Since SSO users do not have a "ringcentral password" they cannot enter the "ringcentral password" required to change their voicemail PIN on the portal

    RingCentral stated that only an Admin with a standard RingCentral password (non SSO account) can reset the voicemail PIN for the user, or a support ticket can reset the PIN for the user, but there is no self-service when SSO is active without an enhacement /modification to the password prompt screen to change your PIN

    If you have a lot of users, are planning on SSO, and have hardphones this is painful when users return to the office after being away and have forgotten their PIN