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Created by Sara Kosciolek
Created on Oct 18, 2021

Turn off notifications for a specific team or conversation

Background: some companies use all-company or department channels that might not be relevant to all users. Alternately, they might have a low-importance or off-topic team to handle non-essential or fun topics.

Users might want to prioritize their notifications based on what team is sending the message. Let users turn off notifications (visual or audio) from specific teams or conversations while still being included in that team. This allows them to check the team at their leisure and still get notified of important messages in other channels.

  • Rylie Perrault
    Oct 21, 2021

    Hi, thanks for coming to the Ideas Portal!

    It is possible to configure your notifications for a specific team. Go to the team, click the three dots on the upper right, and then select notification preferences.

    Please let me know if this does not address your request.