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Status Planned
Created by Eric Reding
Created on Oct 27, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit CUSTCOM-I-4750 Mute incoming call notifications while currently on a call.

Silence ringing while on an active call Merged

When on an active call, if a new call comes in, the app rings with the full ring until you chose an action on the incoming call. This is very distracting and jarring. A way to have those just be maybe a single tone or silenced instead of that full ringing would be exceptional.

  • Nancy Jensen
    Dec 22, 2021

    I would also like this feature. After over an hour on support today to try to get this set up, I was told it was not available. Kinda seems like a no brainer option to me. Very difficult to focus on the call you are on with the overlay of an audible ring of an incoming call!

  • Guest
    Nov 14, 2021

    a text message going out that would say "we will call you right back" would be great

  • Matthew Lamb
    Nov 4, 2021

    We really need this too. Just a like a mobile phone we should have the option to turn on or off Call Waiting.

  • Coverage Medical
    Oct 29, 2021

    I contacted them and they fixed it somehow so if I am on a call the second call goes right to voicemail. I couldn't hear anything on the current call when that happened. It took some time to get it figured out but it is so much better now.

  • Guest
    Oct 28, 2021

    I would suggest that there be a selection to make it go to voice mail or ring as noted by Eric Reding.


Block or silence incoming calls from mobile network while making calls with RingCentral mobile app.

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Suppress audible ringing on ALL devices when on a call on ANY device

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Silence incoming calls for desktop app

silence incoming calls for desktop app for a specific user
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