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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 28, 2021

Allow SETTINGS Options to DELETE/DEACTIVATE User Account!

Please READ carefully as the issue is not what you might think, nor simple.

Currently there’s a Developer GLITCH in RC App where if a User creates an account using "company email" not through the Admin Portal, NO ONE including Admin and the User can Delete this Account once it’s created.

Each time I call Support and Log a Ticket, I’m given this Self Help Link; however, this DOES NOT work because it’s NOT the same issue because as stated above, Company Contacts/Users were not added via the Admin Portal. It’s a major glitch that needs to be fixed.

My suggestions are to ALLOW all 3:

  1. Allow in SETTINGS within RC App to DELETE / DEACTIVATE Personal Account (this is not currently an option or function to do so which can cause legal issues of keeping accounts hostage, everyone has a right to delete their personal account from an app)

  1. Allow ADMINS to DELETE / DEACTIVATE Any Account (Isn’t this the whole point of Admins?)

  1. Allow TECH Support to DELETE / DEACTIVATE Any Account (Isn’t this the whole point of Tech Support as well?)

Hope the above helps!

  • Rylie Perrault
    Oct 28, 2021

    Thanks for providing so much detail! We're sending this along to the correct team now.