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Status Future consideration
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Nick Rowland Corp
Created on Nov 9, 2020

Add Granular Read/Write/Delete Role Permissions

I would like the ability to give different IT admins granular read/write/delete role permissions. For example, I want someone to have the ability to view all phone numbers, but not the ability to delete it or to change it. I want to give someone the permission to view the Auto-Receptionist settings, but not change them. Or the ability to update call queue members but not to delete it.

Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Lee Harris
    Aug 24, 2023

    There needs to be the ability to view certain areas of the system without being able to change information. If we can't get granular, at least we have the option between altering and informing. Please and thank you!

  • Matt Wallace 6029209
    Nov 3, 2022

    It would also be fantastic if we could apply this to the user management section as well or all sections.