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Status Under review
Created by Drew Mikos
Created on Nov 8, 2021

RingCentral Meetings Uninstall .pkg MAC

I've tried using JAMF to uninstall "RingCentral Meetings" (being deprecated) however running the "RingCentral Meetings" .pkg in "Uninstall" mode after Indexing with JAMF does not uninstall the program... this means that I will have to manually go one-by-one and uninstall the deprecated software from users machines with an admin password by dragging to the trash

RingCentral really needs to provide a Mac uninstall .pkg that can be deployed to machines using MDM .pkg's ASAP

I already have all of the new deployment setup for the "RingCentral App" (and has been deployed) however there is no way to easily force the uninstall of the deprecated app forcing users to transition and cleaning up the old software .pkg for "RingCentral Meetings"

On a side note RingCentral should provide uninstall .pkg files for all of the Mac based .pkg's or at least develop something that can be indexed and work with JAMF to use the uninstall command... Admins need tools!