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Status Future consideration
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Megan Brauner
Created on Nov 10, 2020

Allow RC users to make internal phone calls after business hours

We have set business hours for our company, so that outside callers cannot reach us after 5pm, for example. HOWEVER, this also disables our own staff from calling one another. The calls go straight to voicemail. Would like the ability to have business hours for external calls and yet still be able to make calls to our internal RC users that are still in available status.

Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Lee Stobaugh
    Jul 11, 2023

    Why is this not the default behavior?

    I understand the use of a schedule for handling calls from external sources, but why would you restrict internal extension to extension calls?

    This makes the phone system inoperable outside of normal business hours. What if people are working on the weekend or after hours?

  • Kevin Roos
    Feb 3, 2023

    This functionality would also be extremely useful for us.

  • Brita Rust
    Jun 21, 2021

    I tried to set up custom rules to make this work, but it never actually worked. It would be much nicer if there was simply two different sets of hours. One for internal calls and one for external.

  • gawassqqqqqq here
    Nov 12, 2020

    good ideads

  • Jennifer Del Rosario
    Nov 10, 2020

    Hello Megan, you can use a Custom Rule from your auto-receptionist and change the setting hours of your users. You can also open a case HERE, and our phone support will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks!