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Status Under review
Created by Fraz Hamid
Created on Nov 10, 2021

RingCentral Billing/Cost Analysis, Budgets & Alerts

Cost analysis is very important for us and I would really like to see an analysis tool where we can access and create visualisations of usage/spend, estimated forcast and create custom charts based on spend by resource type (e.g. Standard DigitalLine or Live Reports), cost centre or site or where the name contains a pattern.

Most other cloud services such as Azure, AWS and GCP have this, so it would be great to see RC implement something similar.

It would also be great to be able to setup budgets (cost thresholds) and alerts that could email administrators when this is exceeded.

e.g. If your annual budget is 400k, we could set this as the "budget" and be alerted if we are likely to exceed this due to additional licensed resources being provisioned.

Such features will also help reduce the time/effort spent by operations teams managing and reporting on spend and distribution.