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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 10, 2021

New incoming message generate a toast banner notification on Mac w/ manual dismiss

I would love it if I could receive toast banner notifications alerting me to new incoming message(s) (eg. direct, minitalk, or messages posted to a team).

Currently it appears I can only get sound notifications, emails that show up at a 15 minute increment or a getting the Icon to bounce.

I currently have my icon set to bounce once. Often times I miss that clue if I turn my head away too long from my screen. If I set the icon bounce to continuous, It becomes a distraction during a local conversation with a co-worker about something being view on my screen. So then I need to go into RingCentral EVERY time it bounces to remove the conversation distraction during my local conversation.

I currently work in an environment where sound is hard to turn up loud enough to get my attention and not bother others.

So I wish that I could get a banner show up in the corner that I need to dismiss manually. This allows me to not disturb others with sounds, gets my attention that something came in while I stepped away from my screen. and avoids something bouncing continuously on my screen if something does come in while I'm presenting my screen with another locally.

Currently using Version: Web, Mac of RingCentral.