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Status Future consideration
Created by Lothar Kirchen
Created on Nov 15, 2021

Clicking Ignore Call or Declining the call does not stop ringing other assigned devices

Customers that are using a combined setup, RC App, RC Mobile or a deskphone can ignore the call on RC App but the call will continue to ring on the other devices. If on any of these devices the ignore call is selected it should stop the ringing on all the other devices.

Example, I call my extension my windows RC App and my mobile RC app are ringing. I click ignore call on my windows app, the call continues ringing on my mobile, If ignore is selected the call should stop on all devices.

  • Wilbur Yoder
    May 14, 2022

    It might be OK to silence the other devices such as Ring Central Desk phone but not the other personnel devices that are attached to that ext. For instance .... we have one extension ring to 3 personnel's cell. If I choose to decline the call I want it to continue ringing on the other person's cell. I don't want to send it directly to voicemail. I use this feature when I don't have time to answer the call and I don't want the annoying ring, but allow others to pick up the call.

  • Justin Mead
    Feb 3, 2022

    There are a few others along this vein:


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Sync or link softphone to desk phone

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Landon Rowan almost 3 years ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Future consideration

Allow to decline calls on all devices

When a call comes in to both my phone and my ringcentral app and i'm on the other line, I'd like to be able to reject it on one or the other and have the rejection apply across the board. Right now, I have to reject it on the app and my phone, and...
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 1 Future consideration

option to silence calls on one device (mobile/desktop app) only without ignoring the call

sometimes you don't want the calls to ring on Both devices. There is no way to do this right now
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 Future consideration

Option to activate desktop apps and mobile apps as separate entities

This is a suggestion to make things easier for admins who frequent Service. RingCentral .com to manage users. I think it would be a good idea for admins/users to be able to choose whether they want to make the desktop applications active OR the mo...
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 Future consideration

Unified inbound call handling (Ignore/Reject)

If you're like me, you have two computers. A mobile phone. And a desk phone. A call comes in that you're not able to take or it's clear that it's a spam call, so you click "ignore" in Glip. But then it keeps ringing on your desk phone, so you have...
Chris Rosa about 2 years ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Future consideration