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When clicking meeting link, the webpage too quickly redirects to "sign up for RingCentral" with no option to join meeting, and the "Join from your browser" settings option is not visually a clear option, which is causing confusion and delays for external users

We are requesting the webpage that appears when clicking a RingCentral meeting link to be adjusted to make the “Join from Your Browser” option larger/more clear that it is an actual option on the page, as well as to stop automatically redirecting the users to a completely different webpage that contains no options to join the meeting, only an option to sign up with RingCentral, which is unnecessary for the user to join the session. This will ensure our customers do not continue to consistently experience issues with joining RingCentral meetings.

We create and send RingCentral meeting links to our customers (not RingCentral users) to hold discussions and to perform training. However, our customers have had consecutive issues with joining the meetings. We have observed this cycle throughout our time using RingCentral, and from our experience has delayed customers from joining the session by about 8-10 minutes on average:

1. Customer clicks RingCentral Meeting link.

2. Customer is navigated to a page that gives three options:

- “Launch Meeting”

- “Download Now”

- “Join from Your Browser”

3. If our customer does not have the application installed, “Launch Meeting” does nothing. The options available below “Launch Meeting” are very small, and therefore not obvious to the external user that they are alternatives when encountering issues with launching meetings. A large percentage of our customers do not realize “Join from Your Browser” is something they can click in order to join the session.

4. Additionally, this webpage will automatically navigate to another webpage after 30-60 seconds. The resulting webpage does not have any options to join the meeting. This webpage actually tells the customer to sign up for a RingCentral account, which is unnecessary and confusing… At this point, the customer thinks they have to sign up for RingCentral in order to join the session. The customer is therefore completely confused, as well as completely stuck. The customer is forced to close the page and click the link again to try to join the meeting again. This cycle continues until the customer calls or emails us directly for assistance.

  • Lani Pollard
  • Nov 19 2021
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