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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 23, 2021

Improve the list of past meetings presented when Join Meeting is selected

When I click Join for a video meeting, there is a dropdown list of past invites. It shows only five rows, of which one has the description "RingCentral Video meeting" which is so vague that it is useless, another is a link to join my own personal meeting, and the fifth was a meeting I was invited to once to interview a job candidate - but these rows never leave my list. Other meetings that I join regularly, in other users' personal meeting rooms for example, do not show up no matter how often I meet with them, so I either need a new link from them EVERY TIME, or I have to keep a useful list of links outside of RingCentral.

Options that would improve the usefulness of the Join a meeting dropdown are:

Ability to pin meetings to the list

Allow deleting individual rows from the list

Showing more than 5 rows in the list