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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 24, 2021

Ability to make personal contacts the default contacts list in mobile app

RC Mobile app defaults to company contact list for default contacts so you have to swipe multiple times to access your personal contacts. This becomes cumbersome if you are using ringcentral mobile app for most of your calls to your personal contacts. Suggestion is to allow users the option to select which account list they want the app to default to: Company, Guest, Personal, Teams, or Other

  • Ting Wu
    Aug 23, 2022


    Regarding the contact order, we have 2 related scenarios:

    1, to make "Personal" contacts as the 1st sub-tab on "Contact" tab. This is more like to have the ability to re-arrange the sub-tabs.

    2, to make "Personal" contacts listed at the top in the search result list whereever we do contact searching (e.g., search a contact to send a message/text/...)

    Would you please share us your experience on:

    • Do you expect both the 2 scenarios to have the ability?

    • If the 2nd scenario matters more, do you think listing "All" contacts in Alphabetical order (instead of by contact types) will address your concern to maybe 90% extent?

    Thank you in advance for helping us with a better app!