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Status Under review
Categories Hardware
Created by Joe Croll (2472)
Created on Dec 1, 2021

Remove Extra Lines on Polycom Without Adding Presense

By default, the user line is listed on each line (4 times for an 4 line phone, for example). The workaround is to add presence for a line 3rd line, which the end user may not need, to remove the extra lines. This makes the phone screen very busy when and is not a good user experience when most users only need one line.

The layout can be made much cleaner by logging into the Web UI as Admin and navigate to Utilities -> Line Key Configuration. Highlight the line and change "No. of Line Appearances" to the desired number, which I set to 1.

There should be an option in the portal to better customize the lines on the phones. Coming from a Call Manager background, you should be able to customize the number of lines, line labels, etc without workarounds like adding presence, and having a minimum of three lines show up on your phone instead of 1.