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Status Under review
Created by Alastair Fraser-Mitchell
Created on Dec 9, 2021

Allow all posts to be deleted from a 'Team' in the RC client


You can create any number of 'Teams' (chat channels) but if you want to delete posts from those chats you have to manually delete each post one-by-one.


Can we have a facility where the administrator of a 'Team' channel can delete all posts and contents of a channel in one step. We would have an option to delete every post, file / attachment or pinned item' in a channel whilst keeping the channel and it's members.

Optionally a system were we could multi-select items from the channel and then press 'Delete' would be ideal.


In some of my Teams we want to remove old, irrelevant posts and sometimes those with confidential data in. Currently this is a slow process and open to mistakes when missing posts.

I can delete the channel but I don't want to have to re-add all the members to the reborn channel.