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Status Under review
Created by Justin Polburn
Created on Dec 9, 2021

Ability to send invites to end users even if their extension is enabled

THIS IS URGENT! It affects RingCentral's long-term ability to sell into larger accounts.

In large organizations, the person that negotiates the deal isn't the person that sets up users, and that person isn't the person that assembles, distributes and tests desk phones, and that person isn't the end-user.

In order for the person distributing phones to be able to test outgoing calls, the extension must be enabled by adding a password and PIN. However, once that is done, there is no way to bulk send invites to the end-users. You have to do a Reset & Assign on each extension, which is basically recreating each user. That is BAD.

There MUST be a way to provide a guided experience to allow the end-users to personalize their extension EVEN IF their extension is already enabled. I say simply don't restrict invites to disabled users with no credentials. If there's a credential, allow the user to reset it.