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Status Under review
Created by Andrea Farnsworth
Created on Dec 13, 2021

More Available Codes

We are running into issues with our team leads needing to be in available to take a supervisor call, but if the queue has calls holding, the supervisor will get the inbound call over the sup call.

As for voicemails, we need an available status for working voicemails. At current state, the only way to listen to VMs is to be in available. But if we need the inbound calls answered before the VMs are worked, we can't without removing the VM skills from the rep.

What we need is:

Available, Working VMs - No External IB or Internal IB calls. This status would be used to work VMs.
Available, No ACD - No IB Calls from the system, but can receive external IB transferred calls and internal IB calls. This status would be used to receive transferred calls from the reps without receiving external inbound calls.

I did setup an "unavailable - available, no acd" but the reps cannot get external transferred calls without being in available.

  • Andrew Goudy
    Feb 24, 2022

    In our contact center, we just call the agent/ supervisor directly it shows them as unavailable but once they answer it changes them to a working status and maintains the calls recording.. not sure if that helps but thats how we handle those.