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Status Under review
Created by Marcus Briggs
Created on Dec 30, 2021

Further develop the RC Workspace to be as good as RC phone space.

We use many platforms/apps for many different functions. These platforms have changed throughout the years but there will always be a need for the following. Communications platform, Tasks and project platform, Client database... among others.

If Ring Central could further develop their Workspace area it would allow us to consolidate two or three platforms into RC.

From an outsider perspective it feels that "Tasks" were an after thought to the system... which is completely understandable. However, if RC could move further into the development of this area as well as team communication (chat boards) they would be the only project management platform with it's own phone system. It seems to be a unique market.

My suggestion would be to look at popular project management orgs such as ASANA and Monday and mirror how they handle work. The same could be said for team communication. Look at Workplace by Facebook and others.

Thanks for your time.