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Status Under review
Created by Evron Mason
Created on Jan 4, 2022

Add the ability in HUD to "Drop" / "Terminate" an active call/call on hold

I recently had to contact RingCentral tech support because one of our customer service representative placed a called on hold and then their RingCentral desktop program froze. After closing the program and getting back open their status was still "On a call" and it showed that call was on hold. There was no way to get rid of that status. The representative was unable to receive any new incoming calls from the call queues they were in. The RingCentral technician wasn't able to resolve this issue. While I was still on the line with the RingCentral technician the issue appeared to have cleared on it's own after about an hour (RingCentral technician was just as surprised as I was).

Before we switched to RingCentral we had a on-prem VoIP server and something like this was an easy quick fix to reset their extension/drop the call server side (even though the call was actually ended long ago, the server still thought it was active).

Currently we use, and love RingCentral HUD. The ability to listen in to curtain extensions for training and assistance as well as the Park location are great.

Would it be possible to add the ability in HUD to "Drop" / "Terminate" an active call/call on hold for any extension that is setup for call monitoring?

This would be a blessing to us call center administrators and Managers.

  • Admin
    Jennifer Del Rosario
    Jan 4, 2022

    Hi Evron!

    Thanks for this idea. This is available in our Contacct Center plans. Check this link to know more Thanks!