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RingCentral Terraform Provider - Infrastructure as Code for Admins

As a RingCentral customer I would like to see the development team look to offer infrastructure as code support for RingCentral, such as Terraform or Ansible. Allowing customers to automate the provision and ongoing management of resoruces in RingCentral accounts.

As a customer with over 230 sites each with multiple users, IVRs, Queues and devices, being able to manage this as code provides both consistency and an ability to scale.

Although the APIs are useful, our engineers prefer to work with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) as it is a lot easier. Allowing us to focus on meeting business requests, rather than developing scripts and code!

  • Fraz Hamid
  • Jan 8 2022
  • Under review
  • Admin
    Byrne Reese commented
    29 Apr 05:40pm

    Fraz - building on Yatin's question. I am a Product Manager on the Platform team and want to learn more about this request. I would love a more detailed description of the kind of experience you are looking for, with examples, etc. Because It sounds like you are describing a new type of product. For example, what kinds of things would you need a definition file to enable you to perform?

  • Yatin Gera commented
    20 Jan 04:46pm

    Hi Fraz. Thanks for submitting the idea.

    IaC could make things easier. That being said, the challenge might be to create and maintain different configurations for popular provisioning tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Puppet (and there could be more)

    We might want to look into a solution that translates a common config into a tool-specific config (or at least the most popular ones) to reduce redundancy

    Do you have anything in mind in terms of how the common configuration file should look like?

    Also, are you guys using a tool that helps you achieve something similar?