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Separate the Call Forwarding & Voicemail

Could you please separate these features, as they were previously separate and named as "Call Handling & Forwarding" and "Messages". In the Roles section, the new combined feature is not even listed. In the Roles section under "User Settings" it still shows 2 separate features: "Call Handling & Forwarding" and "Messages & Notifications". On the Administrator end, we would like the ability to deny access to the Call Forwarding as we did before. We do not give our users the ability to change their forwarding options, as it may cause problems. In addition, the ability to create custom rules. However, we do want them to be able to access the "Messaging" feature now known as "Voicemail" so that they can use their computer microphone when recording/changing their greeting. We had to pull all of our posted documentation with the online instructions on how to change their greeting. An idea would be that you create this new feature in the 'Roles' section, and then have subcategories with a checkbox for each one, where it gives us the ability to restrict the "Call Forwarding" option for them, but allow the "Voicemail" option.

  • Nestor Salcido
  • Jan 11 2022
  • New
  • Maurice Kerr commented
    18 Jan 06:24pm

    Not sure why this was separated to begin with. It's much better to have specific control of user features then combining them together so that we have to compro

  • Arron Meyer-Razon commented
    12 Jan 09:59pm

    Yes, we would like almost the opposite of this... We want to restrict changes to voicemail to text settings but not stop access to other settings, like being able to change the greeting.