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Status Future consideration
Created by Doug Flood
Created on Jan 11, 2022

Add ability to see all call Queue's a User is a part of from the "Users With Extensions" page

Currently, if a user leaves the company and their account is disabled, I have to go and click each call queue group one at a time to see which ones they were in to remove them. I would like a feature under "Users with extensions" where I can click on any User, and have a Call Queues tab that populates all of the call queues they are a member of, and the status selectors to each Member/Status respectively for that user. It can work in reverse as well. So I can click on a specific User Extension and be able add & remove them to call queue's directly from their user page, instead of going to each call queue group to add the same user one by one, as we have users that are in several call queue groups at once. Onboarding would be much easier to create their account, assign them an extension and immediately select which call queue groups to assign them to(more than one at a time during setup would be the best).

  • Chris Call
    Dec 1, 2022

    Like this?

  • Ken Winfield
    Apr 1, 2022

    this would be very useful!! we have to deal with this daily when terminating users!!

  • Ian Callard
    Jan 12, 2022

    This seems to be similar to CUSTCOM-I-4369

  • Ian Callard
    Jan 12, 2022


    Just like viewing all members for a particular call queue, you must be able to view all call queues for a member / user with extension.

    In other words, this link should be bi-directional and displayed as such in the portal. Currently, you can only approach this from the call queue side of things. There is no visual link to the call queues when viewing the user.


Being able to see if a particular user is in a call queue when viewing User Details

When reviewing a user within "Users with Extensions"; in "Service Web" it would be a great help if there was an indication whether the users Extn is in a Call Queue. This would help when investigating user issues.
Barry White about 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 Future consideration

Add a field showing the call queues that a user is under on the user's profile.

A view to see what Call Queues users are in There needs to be a way to see what Call Queues users are in from the individual's account. We have discovered a trick to download the User List and see what Call Queues users are associated too, and if ...
Tadeus Joseph Biala about 1 year ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 Future consideration