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Created by Matthew Lamb
Created on Jan 14, 2022

Stop Queue Call from Ringing on Offline Users!

I have discovered that Call Queue calls will arrive to members who are Offline (Offline being laptop shut down, or user not logged into a computer).
On our busiest call Queue which is setup as Rotating, the calls are arriving to offline members and then ringing out on it’s maximum wait time, and then moving onto the next offline person. This is contradictory to the guidance on your own website on how a call queue will behave, but support have stated this is normal system behaviour.
This happens on all Queue types (Simultaneous, Rotating and Sequential).

Please update your systems ASAP as this is causing us massive delays with answering calls.

We use the latest RingCentral App (Not RC Phone)

  • Chris Morgan
    Jun 21, 2023

    It's unfortunate all I can find are old ideas and posts with no updated response but I'm struggling with this issue for many of our offices. No matter what I try, I cannot get the calls going to call queues to NOT wait until the maximum time to step to the next call flow. Busy, away, on the phone, offline, turned off, etc... the call still waits the maximum time limit set.

  • Fintan Smith
    Dec 23, 2022

    This is really a big problem for us and we are missing so many calls as a result. When a user shuts down their device for the day ACO should detect that they are not available to accept calls, especially queue calls. It's very frustrating. Ideally it would be great if desktop app could also detect a locked screen and set user as unavailable to take calls. It should then automatically set user to available to accept calls when the log into their system or unlock their screen too, similar to the way Teams has 'Away'/'Available' automatically.

  • Josh Fort
    Apr 18, 2022


    When no users are available, the maximum wait time should never be reached. When all members are busy or unavailable, the caller should be sent to the next stop in the queue logic.

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  • Aaron Oldroyd
    Feb 24, 2022

    This really is needed. Our old phone system would do this. Now it tries to ring staff that aren't even in the office or have their systems running.