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Status Under review
Created by Scott Sawczynec
Created on Jan 14, 2022

More control over apps for team chats

We use various integrations with some of our chats that provide us updates from monitoring and status providers for our systems like Statuspage, OpsGenie, Pingdom, Jira, etc. The problem is that when the people who make the apps leave the company it breaks these integrations, and they are used by more than just the person who made them. It would be nice if you could create these integrations so they are not tied to a specific user or be able to reassign them to another user to manage. Also the ability for team admins to be able to manage all apps for that team would be great.

As a workaround we created a service account user and recreated the broken integrations under that account. This is good, but the above suggestions would still be a great addition to the feature set.