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Status Future consideration
Created by Richelle Gatdula
Created on Jan 18, 2022

Can a feature be created where we can allow grace periods for different activities so that an agent's schedule adherence won't be heavily impacted if they are on a call and are having to take their break or lunch later than scheduled.

Schedule adherence is one of our agent goals and agents should not be penalized for taking their break or lunch later than scheduled because they are stuck on a call. Adding a grace period would help.

  • Cassondra Murray
    Aug 4, 2022

    I had this feature with my previous employer. It was called Flex Break, and Flex Lunch. We set the parameters to what was acceptable (ours was 5 minutes) and agent could click a button to tell the system they were heading to break at that time, and the system would adjust the break/lunch segment automatically.

  • Dee Schaedler
    May 24, 2022

    Would also be a good feature if the Break time could be dynamically moved to the end of the calls.

  • Kurt Hoskovec
    Jan 27, 2022

    I have opened a Feature Request with the partner. It has not been slated for a roadmap by the partner to date. - Kurt