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Status Under review
Created by Niky Roihan
Created on Jan 19, 2022

Task filter - Sort by "Color"

The task filter in new ringcentral app is currently not complete. There's currently no way to sort by color nor sort by section/category.

  • Faith Alexander
    Feb 24, 2022

    There already is a filter for categories

  • Niky Roihan
    Jan 21, 2022

    Glip (RingCentral Classic) is actually already having a great "Task functionality". It's simply the best comparing with it's competitors. There are many useful controls they put in a simple way, yet very user friendly. There are many people use Glip (formerly) for this reason only.

    It has sort by options :

    • Color

    • Conversation

    • Section

    • Due

    • Assignee

    It also has control (setting) :

    • Show Grid lines

    • Show Columns to show : index, assignee, start, due, due time, days, section, conversation, show sort column

    • Show Assignee : by it's avatar or name

    I think there's no reason to upgrade by leaving all those usable features. It helps people working. The new app could be much even better :)

  • gidion alvian
    Jan 21, 2022