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Status Under review
Created by Laura Hess
Created on Jan 19, 2022

Lock down domains associated with our Company & Reporting on it

Client would like to identify users and prevent them from signing up for free accounts by locking down their domain.

  • Raihan Rahman
    Jan 24, 2023

    It is surprising that we have to raise this as an idea. In corporate environment we definitely do not want a staff to use their email address or alias to create a free account, which essentially serves no purpose, but to waste RC support's time to remove email address manually.

  • Justin Davidson
    Nov 15, 2022

    Absolutely a great idea. I've requested this through RC support, project team and TAM in the past. No luck yet. It doesn't make sense that a user can sign up for a free account using and email domain that is tied to a company/organization account. There should be validation rules in place to check for an existing account with that domain and give the user an error when signing up if it matches one. Something like "It looks like your using a company email address. Please contact your System Administrator to set up your account" would be perfect.

  • Nate Achey
    Jan 21, 2022

    YES, this is huge. As a school we have are having huge issues with people signing up for free accounts under our domains. Would love to have them locked down.