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Status Already exists
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Chase Owens
Created on Jan 26, 2022

Ring tones while connecting queue calls

The system should (or have the ability to choose the option) for the caller to hear ringing while connecting to an agent. For example, when they press the option for their queue, and it is ringing to an agent, the caller will hear ring tones instead of immediate hold music. A lot of callers think there are calls waiting in queue as soon as they hear music instead of ring tones and disconnect quickly. If all agents are busy (it won't be immediately connecting to an agent) then it will play the defined hold music/message until an agent becomes available. At that time, the caller will hear ringing while its connecting. This is also helpful as then there isn't a live agent just talking in the middle of a hold announcement or music (when agent answers while that is playing).

  • Travis Hill
    Feb 1, 2022

    This is already an option.

    Go to the queue and select Greeting & Hold music

    Click Edit under Audio While connecting and select Ring Tones