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Status Implemented
Created by William Parke
Created on Jan 28, 2022

Viewing metrics per day when looking at a specific time period, rather than summed or averaged

When I want to look at the call metrics for as individual or team over a specific period of time, the numbers are aggregated. I want to see what each person's metrics are each day. I want to see how many inbound and outbound calls (or any other metrics I choose) they made on each specific day. That will be more informative to me than the way it is currently set up. For example, if I look up an individual's numbers for the last week, it will only give me the total number of inbound calls and outbound calls and the daily average. So I want to be able to see what they did on a daily basis, rather than as a whole.

  • Admin
    Pratibha Pandit
    Feb 28, 2022

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your feedback. Your need has been addressed.

    We are happy to inform you that with our new product, LOB Analytics. LOB Analytics is a fully customizable dash-boarding and reporting solution that will give you access to very granular historical call activities data and analysis flexibility. You can create dashboards and share it publicly in LOB Analytics.

    LOB Analytics features customzied Graph Builder where you can plot all the metrics trends hourly, daily or weekly which will give you the individual splits. This can be downlaoded both as graph as well as raw data.

    Learn more about LOB Analytics here:

    Refer User Guide

    Watch Video Tutorials

    -RingCentral Analytics Team