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Status Under review
Created by Alex Smith
Created on Feb 2, 2022

Presence Indicator Dot Should Show Inactive ONLY after 15 min on the Mobile App just like the Desktop App

Many employees in the modern workforce are traveling or moving around working on their Mobile but STILL want their team to know they are ONLINE / Available to be reached. Currently if you are working on the RC MOBILE APP, if you simply move to a different app (like taking a call or email) if instantly shows your Presence dot as Offline: A gray dot. This is NOT how it works on the RC desktop app or browser whereby it only goes to OFFLINE (gray dot) after 15 minutes of being inactive (meaning not in the RC app). The mobile app should funciton the same way. Common Use Case: If you are chatting with an employee at the airport, then move over to email on my phone, it should still show Available: A Green Dot. Or, if you are chatting with an employee, then lock your phone, it should still show Availble: A Green Dot. Only after 15 minutes of not using the mobile app should it go to Offline: A Gray Dot (or if you manually move it of course). Again, this is simply the same functionality as the Desktop App/Browser App.