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Status Under review
Created by Jak Humphreys
Created on Feb 3, 2022

Option for 'No voicemail or message' for unanswered calls

There should be an option to enable calls to just 'drop out/end' if they're unanswered after the specified number of rings, without sending the caller to voicemail; forwarding the call or playing a message.

We have an automated national telephone system where clients can call a main national number and this call queue then gets distributed between active agents across the country. Our regional agents use Ring Central as their way of answering these calls. As the national system is automated and agents are selected at random to answer calls, we can't have a voicemail service enabled on these agents profiles - otherwise our Ring Central users would be left with countless numbers of voicemails every day and no permissions to call anyone back. However, the greeting option for unanswered calls is also an issue as the greeting is registered by our national call recording service that the call has been answered, when actually the agent didn't pick the phone up because they weren't available etc. The system then logs that X agent answered a call for 12 seconds before terminating (it views the greeting as if the agent answered the call) - which is creating phantom results on national call queue reports. There needs to be an option in the 'Missed Calls' dropdown on the AdminPortal to allow users missed calls to 'end/do nothing' after the specified number of rings without the need for call forwarding, voicemail or default greetings.

This will make the system more flexible for those users which don't necessarily use Ring Central as a general daily telephone system - but use Ring Central as a component within a wider telephone system as part of their job.