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Created by Kimberly Shingle
Created on Feb 3, 2022

Integrate RingCentral app with Call Center Phone status

Our Call Center employees are receiving calls on their RingCentral App while on the phone via Call Center MaxAgent. It would be helpful for the RingCentral app to recognize when their line is busy so they don't receive the phone call pop-up from RingCentral app

  • Admin
    Kurt Hoskovec
    Feb 18, 2022

    Did your CSM or TAM determine if you were a good fit and get the process started?

  • Admin
    Kurt Hoskovec
    Feb 8, 2022

    We have that functionality (Bi-Directional Presence Sync) as part of a Controlled Release. Contact your TAM or CSM to find out more about it and to get the process started to turn it on if it sounds to you like it would be a good fit for your request.- Kurt