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Status Under review
Created by Paul Dobbs
Created on Feb 4, 2022

A Better USER Interface - Fixing Vacation Message Setup


I think one of the most problematic things about Ring Central is that the user interface was designed by/for tech people, not typical end user.

When making any user interface, you must design for the least technically skilled. You must walk the person through, and use simple, concise, explanations of what you are doing with them.

Ring Central has a massive amount of options that instantly overwhelm. This needs to be fixed for the purposes of what a typical, day to day need would be, for the front line user.

Currently it can be up to 8 steps just to setup Vacation forwarding, and that involves sorting out a visual barrage of options that for most people, have nothing to do with the simple action they want to complete.

Attached in PDF I have laid out one such example of an improved process for the end user to setup a Vacation condition.

This set of drawn up screen shots is what an END user needs. This is what makes the system functional for them, and reduces or even eliminates the need for us as Admins to have to answer the same questions, do the same training, over and over again.