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Status Under review
Created by Brandon Hein
Created on Feb 11, 2022

Transfer/Forward call (pre-call control) to multiple folks simultaneously

I'm building out some complex call routing. Listening to telephony events, and using the Telephony Call Control API, I have the ability to transfer a call to a specific user after doing a quick lookup on our CRM.

In the event of no phone number in our CRM, we want to route the call to different groups of individuals. It's not the same group of individuals every time, it will fluctuate based on availability and last call taken. So any sort of custom call handling logic that RingCentral provides, won't suffice.

The Telephony API, allows me to forward to a single extension. Like a user or Call Queue. Not multiple extensions at the same time.

I looked into Managing Call Queue Members, programmatically with the APIs. I believe Call Queues are the closest thing I can do to achieve my scenario. However, there's some latency in RingCentral, as the desired behavior of a Call Queue takes a minute or two to propagate. (I say minute or two, because an email alerts the user when added... see to have that removed/configured to not send)

So really 2 ideas/issues here:

  1. Telephony Forward API - have the ability to send an array of extensions and have RingCentral forward the call to those extensions

  2. Call Queue Member Bulk Assign - Member assignment should take place immediately on API call. That will allow myself to set a queue of members before transferring it to the extension of that queue.