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Status Implemented
Created by Matthaus Steinke
Created on Feb 11, 2022

Bring back the Silence Incoming Calls Toggle on the Mobile app for ALL users.

Up until recent updates the mobile application had a setting toggle for 'Silence Incoming Calls.' By default when first signing into the application for all users it was turned on, but could be toggled off so you would have all calls ring on the device.
However, after recent updates the extensions role must have permissions (User Settings > Messages & Notifications OR Call Handling/Forwarding) allowed in order for this setting to appear. It seems that oftentimes this feature is still toggled on by default when a user first downloads and signs into the mobile app. An admin has to update the users role temporarily just to turn off the toggle so calls can ring through on their device.

This seems like an oversight, but would be HUGE for our entire organization if this setting were to be reinstated.

  • Jason Taylor
    Oct 16, 2023

    Even when I'm signed out of RingCentral, the app rings or vibrates my phone for a split second interrupting any app that's running (i.e. YouTube, podcast, etc.). When I'm signed in to the app, I fully expect and welcome this during business hours. But when biz hours are over and I'm signed out, I'd prefer not to be interrupted by RingCentral.

  • Liam Zhang
    Mar 1, 2022

    Sorry for the trouble, this issue will be fixed in our next release.

  • Jon Luker
    Feb 11, 2022

    Emphatically agreed. Our organization has over 4000 extensions, and while they don't all use the mobile app, at least half of them do. The catch-22 of either giving them permissions we don't want them to have or having to temporarily update the role just to flip this toggle on every engagement is...painful, to put it mildly.