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Created by Raegan Hill
Created on Feb 12, 2022

Sync Ring Central Desktop App with Database or ATS

Feature Request: Make the Ring Central desktop app able to sync with all integrated databases and ATS software.

Situation: I use as my Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). I have hundreds of contacts in Crelate. When I want to use the Ring Central Desktop App, none of my contacts in Crelate appear because this feature does not exist (connecting Ring Central Desktop App with my ATS). And... my ATS (Crelate) does not sync with Google Contacts (Ring Central does), so I can't auto update that way. I end up having to save a csv file from Crelate, and add to google contacts (which will sync with Ring Central).

  • Admin
    Jennifer Del Rosario
    Feb 24, 2022

    Hi Regan, you can learn more about Crelate integration here We recommend following up with Crelate for any questions. Thank you!