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Status Under review
Created by Timothy Irons
Created on Feb 16, 2022

Add an option to turn off auto answer when connected to Bluetooth

The current situation is dangerous if you receive a call in the car. You get a half baked connection to an unknown caller which you can only get rid of by fiddling with your phone. Not ideal at 80mph.

There is an ongoing support thread where multiple customers have asked for this bug to be fixed but support have now decided it is a feature request.

Just as a note please don't make the assumption that I use a desktop PC in my car as the support team did.

  • Les Finlay
    Aug 3, 2023

    Yes, not being able to turn this feature off reflects poorly on my business. It undermines our professionalism. This feature can be changes on desktop RingCentral Phone app, I dont know why it hasn't been implemented on the mobile app

  • Chris Hudlet
    May 11, 2023

    not just the car. I have my cell phone next to me on my desk and it auto answers before I can pick up my desktop app. very annoying. this is not a feature this is a bug, RC please fix this.