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Status Under review
Created by Ken OConnor
Created on Feb 16, 2022

Ring Central Desktop app install options

Currently the exe format of the install seems to have limited command line options and the MSI install is a much larger file. when using tools to remotely push applications to install this becomes a problem. looking for a way (but not limited to) push RC desktop app and have it install for all users not just single user install. also there is a popup window at the end of the install that wants to add the firewall rule need to suppress that prompt and just do it now MSI install has the command line option for allusers=1 but lack the firewall option and the exe install (which is a smaller file to remote push has none of these options. the current options are ok for a small bussiness that can do a single user install mode and install to a small amount of computers but much larger companies need solutions as well.