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Status Under review
Categories Hardware
Created by Craig Rhinehart
Created on Feb 16, 2022

Allow changing the inter digit timer on desk phone

There is a default value called the Inter Digit Timer on a J139 desk phone. This timer controls the amount of time you can pause while entering a number on the phone before the phone dials the number you've entered. I don't know if it also exists on other phones, but I would guess that it does.

The value of the inter digit timer is 3 seconds and apparently cannot be changed. That means that when you're dialing a number on a J139, if you pause for 3 seconds the phone will dial your partially-entered number and you'll get an unhappy message... something like "I'm sorry, you entered an incorrect extension"

There is apparently no way to adjust this from 3 seconds to something more reasonable (like 5 seconds or 7 seconds).

This link ( tells how to set the dialing mode to Manual. After setting the dialing mode to Manual you must dial a number and then press Call.

I would like to have the option of extending/changing the inter digit timer.