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Status Under review
Categories Hardware
Created by Craig Rhinehart
Created on Feb 22, 2022

Use RingOut without touching your desk phone

We'd like to have the option to use the desktop app in conjunction with a desk phone like this: When dialing out (from the computer/app):

1) click an extension or click or dial a number.

2) your desk phone (e.g. J139) would go "off hook" on speakerphone and the call would be placed. No touches.

3) you simply wait for the other person to answer... you never touch your phone.

  • Hoa To
    Apr 29, 2023

    Totally agree, when clicking on call on the app there should be an option to push the call directly to the desk phone with no other interactions.

    Using RingOut option, you have to press Answer on the desk phone, makes no sense. Probably designed for a different purpose but why not just add an option in setting to toggle enable push to desk phone? I am sure this would be a very simple development work?
    Using the Flip options involve even more clicking on the app after you click on call, make even less sense to go down this route.

  • Travis Hill
    Feb 23, 2022

    *Or to headset if headset plugged in

    Had this when i was with Mitel and was helpful to many users.